About Us

MakeupMedley.com is a division of PNTA.

From our humble beginning in 1975 as the local, Seattle-area supplier of theatrical equipment and consumables, PNTA has expanded our staff and capabilities over the years to provide a wealth of services for customers across the country. Now, with MakeupMedley.com, we aim to better serve customers of our professional-quality makeup products.

Our storefront is located in Seattle, Washington. Providing professional quality products to artists and enthusiasts of all levels, we strive to be inclusive with the work we do. We aim to make sure you're confident and well prepared for the tasks you set for yourself. If you're coming to us for makeup & character advice, we want you to be able to walk away with a better understanding of how you can achieve your goal.

Our staff's hands on experience makes them the ideal crew for who you would want to creatively collaborate with.


Please note that purchases made through MakeupMedley.com will appear on your billing statement as a charge from PNTA, our parent company.