No Smudge, No Sweat Makeup

No Smudge, No Sweat Makeup

Feb 15th 2014

Body makeupWhether you're putting on everyday beauty makeup or cosplay body makeup, smudging and sweating during the course of the day can ruin an otherwise perfect appearance. There are a few easy steps you can take, though, to keep your makeup looking picture perfect all day long, even under the sweatiest and most humid conditions.

The majority of the time, powdering and sealing your makeup is enough to set it for all-day wear. We recommend Ben Nye Neutral Set Face Powder applied with a powder brush. Then spritz on some Ben Nye Final Seal to finish setting your makeup. (Final Seal from Ben Nye also produces a mattifying effect, so you're makeup won't appear shiny.)

If you are concerned about heavy sweating, spritz on the Ben Nye Final Seal and let it dry prior to putting on your makeup in addition to using it as a final step. This will create a barrier between your skin and the makeup which helps retard perspiration.

If you find that you're sweating heavily despite first applying Final Seal, you may also give DRY Antiperspirant from PPI Premiere Products a try. The effectiveness of DRY to stop sweat can be increased with multiple applications, but take care to dry each layer of DRY on your skin before spraying on the next layer. Once you've built up your layers, apply makeup as normal then finish by powdering and spraying with a makeup sealer.

If your makeup is still smudging, we recommend stepping up your makeup sealing spray to either Green Marble SeLr Spray or Blue Marble SeLr Spray (alcohol-free formula for sensitive skin). Green Marble SeLr is the most durable makeup sealer on the market today but a few dollars pricier than Ben Nye's Final Seal.

If all of the above still doesn't work for you, or you will be swimming or getting splashed with water at some point during the day, this is when alcohol-activated makeups make sense. When you apply water-proof makeups like Skin Illustrator or Graftobian F/X Aire, they stay on until you are ready to take them off. (You'll also want to invest in Telesis Makeup Remover or a similar product, for easiest clean-up at the end of the day.)

So in summary, for smudge-proof makeup:

  1. Lay down a barrier to retard sweat, using Ben Nye Final Seal or DRY Antiperspirant
  2. Apply your makeup as usual
  3. Powder your makeup with Ben Nye Neutral Set Face Powder or other colorless setting powder
  4. Spritz on a setting spray on top of your powdered makeup, such as Ben Nye Final Seal or Green Marble SeLr Spray
  5. When all else fails, use alcohol-based makeup