Covering Up Scars

We get a lot of questions from people who have recessed scars that would like a way to temporarily address their concerns. We discovered the perfect solution in the form of a product from one of the brands we offer, Dermaflage's Topical Scar Filler.  Regardless of what the scar was caused by, Dermaflage's innovative formula makes it easy to fill and erase your scars. This silicone based formula is semi-transparent, allowing light to pass through, and for the product to have the most skin-like finish out of any scar filling products on the market.  Watch this short how-to-video and you will learn how to make your scars vanish from sight!  Dermaflage's formula is flexible and stretches with your skin. This makes it possible to fill scars anywhere! Fill all types of scars - including those caused by injuries, cancer, acne, and piercings. 

Basic Steps:

  • Clean Skin, and remove any oils or moisturizer
  • Apply Dermaflage Primer if you will be wearing for longer than 6 hours
  • Use a mixing tip to dispense the product directly into the scar. Dispense an amount specific to the size and depth of the scar you are covering
  • Blend the edges using your finger, or a plastic or silicone tool.
  • Press the textured silicone pad over the scar concealer, and hold it in place until the formula has dried. 
  • Peel away the texture pad, and you're good to go!

This technique is rather simple, but certainly different than any other makeup you've worked with before.  Practice and patience makes perfect with this product. Erase your trouble spots, and simply peel off when you're finished. 

Dermaflage is pre-colored with special flocking material that results in the ultra lifelike finish of the product. Remember that your average makeup formula won't want to stick to silicone, so be sure to blend makeup around the product, and lightly over it if needed. If you use full coverage foundation, be sure to select a scar filling shade that most closely resembles your foundation shade, not necessarily the real tone of your skin itself. 

If you have questions about how best to cover a specific problem area or condition, we invite you to send in your question using the form below.