PNTA Basic Makeup Kit

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This kit is meant to be a stepping stone for those who are interested in special effects and stage makeup. It includes an assortment of professional grade products commonly used in the special effects makeup industry. Helpful for those on stage, or in front of the camera, this kit will keep you well prepared for taking characters to their gory side. With the assistance of this kit, you will be able to explore creating fake cuts, bruises, blisters, burns, scars, and other out-of-the-kit makeup techniques.

Whether you’re looking to restock on some essential products, or pick up a new kit entirely, this package deal is a great option for anyone on the spectrum of makeup artistry.

This makeup kit includes:

-          Ben Nye Liquid Latex 2 oz.

-          Ben Nye Thick Blood 1 oz.

-          Ben Nye Remove-It All 2 oz.

-          Ben Nye Final Seal 2 oz.

-          Parian Spirit Brush Cleaning Wipe (3)

-          Graftobian Blood Effect (4 packs)

-          Ben Nye Stainless Steel Spatula

-          Ben Nye Mixing Palette

-          Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax 2 oz.

-          Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel

-          Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder 1.5 oz.

-          Ben Nye Fillable Capsules

-          Ben Nye Stage Blood 8 oz.

-          Pros-Aide Adhesive 2 oz.

-          Stipple Sponge (1 pack)

-          Latex Sponge (1 pack)

-          Velour Powder Puff (1)


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