• Halloween look: Lydia from Beetlejuice
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Halloween Special: Lydia from Beetlejuice



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Turn yourself into a "scene" version of Lydia from Beetlejuice this Halloween.  Join Makeup Medley & Creepy Kingdom on October 26th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET for a live makeup tutorial!

Select from our all-in-one complete package, with all the makeup you need for the look, or one of our more targeted makeup packages to supplement the makeup you already have on hand.

The Complete package includes:

The Eyes package includes:

The FX package includes: 

The Lips package includes:



Watch our Creepy Lydia Deetz Makeup Tutorial LIVE October 26th 6pm PST/9pm EST!

Makeup Artist Brina Irvin will show you step by step how to recreate this spooktacular look, so you can be the ghost with the most! 4 Different Makeup Kits are available.