Eye Shadows

We offer a range of eye safe pigments in various formulas from the top rated brands used by professional makeup artists across the United States, featuring Ben Nye, SUVA Beauty, and Kryolan.

Our full range of Ben Nye eye shadows will help you sculpt, define, and emphasize with ease. These high pigment shadows will let you apply color effortlessly. Ben Nye's formulas come with a pigment load of 35-55%, which means you're getting at least over three times the value as drug store and consumer oriented brands, for the same cost. Individual shadows come in a selection from subtle, to high contrasting shades that will help you accomplish any look. Ben Nye's eye shadows come in a completely matte finish, while the Pressed Lumiere Powders and Pearl Sheen shadows offer high impact metallic and pearlescent finishes with brilliance that glows like no other.

Pressed shadows can also be used for contouring and highlighting the face for stage and photography, as the highly blend-able formula can comfortably deliver contrasting shades to the face as well. These matte shades are the perfect solution to create a perfect base for any bridal makeup out there.

Ben Nye Studio Color Palettes are a new addition to the line, offering a kit friendly way to get a large selection of pressed shadows into your makeup collection. 12 colors in each palette (all of which are refillable) means that you have the best opportunity to experience the most that the brand has to offer. The classic full sized palettes are still in production, which means that you can customize and streamline your kit to represent your true style. 

The Lumiere shadows work beautifully as highlight powders for the face and body, while Pearl Sheen shadows can be used to apply brilliant jewel tones to the eyes, and lips. Try pairing together a balance of neutral mattes, and shimmer shadows for a look that stands out from the rest. Layer the Lumiere powders over the Lumiere cremes for full coverage highlight, or SUVA's Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops for a strobing effect that outshines the rest. 

SUVA Beauty eye shadows are a truly unique product. Outside of the pre-made palettes, these shadows come only as refill pans, which means you get complete control over the shades you bring into your collection, at a lower cost than most brands. There are two different formulas for the shadows which offers a diverse application method. SUVA's matte shadows are pressed with extremely finely milled pigment that offers superior blending capability for seamless transitions from shade to shade. With a hydrated base or primer underneath, the matte shades can be built up to deliver full coverage colors. SUVA's shimmer shadows are different however, as they are formulated with coconut oil which offers a full coverage creamy metallic finish when applied, or they can be subtly blended across the orbital bone to create stunning highlights. SUVA was created by professional makeup artist, Shaina Azad, who fell in love with the artistry around makeup and wanted to create a line that catered to everyone from the creative makeup enthusiast, to the professional working makeup artist. 

We offer a range of Kryolan's loose pigments and shadows, which are innovative for makeup customization and create a truly unique makeup look wherever they are applied. Apply in small amounts, as you are working with entirely pure color for makeup. Most loose pigments out there result in uncontrollable fallout, but these Kryolan formulas are superior at binding to the skin making them as reliable as your pressed shadows. Kryolan Pure Pigments are completely matte and come in a full color spectrum. HD Living Color are finely milled metallic pigments that create showstopping finished to the eyes, and lips. They come in a range of vibrant early metallic tones. The newly released Holographic Pigments from Kryolan offer stunning metallic colors that have an iridescent finish that changes according to the light or movement. Try using the Metallic Pigments as an accent on a deep smoky eyes to create intense brilliance with ease, or pair with soft neutral shadows for a glowing pop of color.