We offer the full line of Ben Nye blush - in both creme and pressed powder formulas.

The MediaPRO HD Creme Blush are formulated with finely milled pigments that are perfect for use in bridal, film, photography, and runway makeup. All MediaPRO formulas are created with the intention of seamlessly blending together, allowing you to create vibrant complexions of all shades. The pressed powder blush makes it easy to warm up any complexion with a healthy glow, and also allow for contouring and shading for stage and photography makeup. The high pigment formulas of the Ben Nye blushes mean that you get a lot more color payoff than other brands out there. Start by layering small amounts of blush to build up to the intensity you are looking for. Blending two to three shades will give you the best gradient of tones that will result in a truly unique makeup experience. Add a warm neutral shade between your contour and highlight for a natural bronzed complexion. For editorial, or theater makeup, try pairing a creme blush with a powder rouge for dramatic blush effects that translate on camera and stage. The high pigment levels in these formulas makes the colors stay true for longer than other blushes, and wont require any reapplication through the day or night. The more saturated tones can be incredible versatile in their potential for character makeup, and have become an essential part of many professional makeup artists kits. 

Ben Nye's color range is spectacular, with shades available that translate well on any skin tone and undertone. Utilize the lighter, dustier pinks and corals to warm up fair skin tones, while the purple and vibrant pink shades can be used to warm up deep tones complexions. For a natural appearing blush shade, try to match the color on the inside of your lip, as this will give you a better idea what more lively colors will translate as natural on the skin.

Apply to the apple of the cheek and blend up and back towards the hairline.