Conceal & Correct

Whether you're concealing dark circles under your eyes, trouble spots, beard shadow, tattoos, and even scars, we have the solution for you.

Ben Nye's MediaPRO concealers and correcter cremes are perfect for neutralizing and color correcting any skin concern you may have. There is 55% pigment in the Ben Nye concealers, which means that over half the product itself is just pure pigment dedicated to completely neutralizing any discoloration. There are plenty of concealers out there that strive to do what these professional concealers do effortlessly. Dark circles have finally met their match, as these cremes are formulated to completely get rid of any undesirable complexion concerns. Use peach, and orange tones to conceal blue shades. Unwanted redness can be corrected with the yellow toned concealers, and extreme redness (ex: rosacea) can be corrected with green color corrector. Purple color corrector can be used to cancel and sallow skin tones, and color correct unwanted yellowness in the face. This can also brighten complexions if it is blended in sheer amounts across the highlights of the face. 

Studio Beard Cover is the perfect saturated orange tone for color correcting discoloration caused by facial hair that is growing in. This is an innovative shade for individuals who are looking to cover up their five o'clock shadow. Apply this product in thin layers to build it to the desired intensity. You may feel like you look like you've drawn on an orange beard when you're done, but don't fret - after you stipple your foundation over the top, you'll have the perfect complexion you're aiming for. 

There is a technical difference between color correcting, and neutralizing with concealers. When you color correct, you are using the color opposite of your skin concern on the color wheel (blue is opposite of orange, red is opposite of green, etc.). Color correcting is an under-painting technique, which usually requires a layer of foundation stippled over the top to seal the deal. Neutralizing with concealers on the other hand, utilizes tones that are more similar to conventional skin tones while still delivering some color adjusting to the skin. Neutralizing with concealer may not always require a layer of foundation over the top, as it is already incorporating a skin tone in the process. 

Ben Nye Tattoo Cover shades are intended to color correct the shades used in tattoo ink. Trace the lines of your tattoo with these shades in order to color correct the dark inks, and then use a foundation over the top of make them disappear. Black tattoo ink is actually an incredible deep shade of blue, which is why most tattoo cover up shades are a highly pigmented orange tone. Use colors that are compliments of each other when concealing tattoos. If a tattoo has multiple colors in it, then you will have to trace each color individually with the appropriate complimentary color of the ink. 

The MediaPRO Mojave Adjusters are a wonderful set of adjusters. These shades are perfect to include in your kit for mixing into your foundations to adjust the undertone and hue of foundations to better match complexions of deep, olive, and golden skin tones.  Burnt Orange and Golden Yellow are perfect for using underneath foundations as well in order to highlight on deep warm and deep olive skin tones. 

Dermaflage Concealer is an innovative product on the market that lets you fill in recessed scars. This is the first product of its kind to make recessed scars physically disappear before your eyes. Dermaflage utilizes a two-part silicone formula that begins to solidify when the two parts mix. The silicone formula lets the concealer flex and move like skin, while maintaining a transparency that reads like real skin. This was designed for use on film and television but has become a desired tool by those that wish to temporarily fill recessed scars. For parts of the face that stretch a lot, like the cheeks, around the lips, and the forehead, the Dermaflage Primer can be applied to help the formula stick through all situations. By itself, Dermaflage can remain on the skin for 8-12 hours.