Contour & Highlight

Our range of highlight and contour shades will help you sculpt any face shape you desire. 

The Ben Nye MediaPRO Creme Highlight and Creme Shadows offer a versatile formula for reshaping facial features in a convenient way that blend effortlessly with foundations. Mix in with your foundation on a separate palette, or apply directly to the desired area of the face. MediaPRO formulas are all creates to blend seamlessly together offering unlimited potential with a range of highlights, contours, blushes, and foundations. These highlight shades come in a range of undertones capable of pulling features forward on any skin tone. Contour shades range from medium to deep, which help create a range of shadows from subtle to highly contrasting. These creme formulas are essential for highlighting and contouring for bridal, film, photography, and stage makeup.

Ben Nye's MediaPRO Contour Powders are staple products in many professional makeup artists kits, as they offer essential shades for contouring features in a convenient pressed compact. The pigments are silky in texture, and the finely milled particles blend effortlessly letting you emphasis features that you want to showcase. 

Ben Nye Fireworks Creme Colors are the original shimmer cremes that have stood the test of time in the makeup industry. These earthy tones metallic cremes offer the perfect creme formulation to use as a base for your most intense shimmer highlights. These cremes also come in a convenient Fireworks Wheel that can offer the perfect way to mix custom metallic highlight tones.  The ability to apply shimmer highlight with precision is crucial to any professional makeup artist or makeup enthusiast. Set these powders with the Ben Nye Shimmer Powders for a natural glow that will dazzle all day and all night long. 

Ben Nye's Highlighter pencil is the perfect solution for brightening the waterline of your eye, highlighting the brow bone, and can also be used around the lips the emphasize the cupids bow or to get a natural highlight in the center of a nude colored lip. 

SUVA Beauty's Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops are a magical product from this innovative brand. These highlight drops can be mixed in with moisturizer and applied to the entire face for a glowing complexion, of they can be applied to the peaks of the face for direct highlight application. These shimmering drops have just enough dewiness to them to hold highlight powders over the top. Mix the deeper bronze shades into a body lotion for a sun kissed gleaming beach ready glow before. This is a perfect customizing product for any professional makeup artist's kit. The formula is filled with skin nourishing vitamins that treat the skin as you wear them. Apply underneath foundation for a dewy glow that appears to be coming from within the skin. 

Kryolan's Glamour Sparks are high impact highlight powders that reveal themselves with movement and light. Mix these with SUVA's highlighter drops for an intense strobing highlight that outshines the rest. These powders are micro-fine, and can be mixed into airbrush friendly fluids and send through an airbrush. Apply these to the inner corners of the eyes, the orbital bone, or to the center of the lips to brighten these features. 

RCMA's Highlight and Contour palette is an incredibly kit friendly product for any makeup artist looking to maximize the efficiency of their kit. This palette includes five shades that are crucial to sculpting facial features to accomplish any desired look. Whether it is bridal, photography, or film makeup, RCMA can help make sure you're putting the best face out there.