The foundations we offer are formulated for use in film, photography, bridal, and stage makeup. The range of palettes we carry caters wonderfully to professional artists to need to stock a wide range of shades in a convenient kit friendly manner. 

A new addition to the Ben Nye line, the Studio Pro Palettes offer a range of 12 foundations in a palette that is small enough to fit in your hand. The opportunity to have the full range of the Ben Nye line at your fingertips will save you kit space, and the clear windows to the palettes let you easily view the range of shades you have available.

The Ben Nye MediaPRO HD Foundation palettes all contain the Matte HD foundation line, which are medium to full coverage. What makes this line of cream foundations incredible is the vast range of undertones and depths of tones that are available. These foundations in particular are formulated to blend seamlessly with the Ben Nye MediaPRO highlight, blush, and contour  shades making them an incredible resource for any bridal, theatrical, and editorial makeup artist. The high level of ultra silky pigments in the cream formulas gives them the ability to deliver a high coverage foundation application without the caked on look of other cream products. The matte finish makes them essential for use on film sets and broadcasts where there are high amounts of lights that will showcase any amount of moisture on the face. 

You can adjust the undertones, and depths of tone of the Matte foundations by mixing in very small amount of the Ben Nye Concealers and Adjusters to perfectly match even the most challenging of skin complexions. 

The Ben Nye MediaPRO Sheer Foundations  have recently been revised, offering a more precise range of shades that better accommodate both ends of the skin tone spectrum. These foundations are ideal for sheer to light coverage and can be comfortably mixed with a moisturizer to bring the coverage to an ultra sheer finish. One of the best things about this line is that it is intended to be used to refine the skin's complexion while still letting tones show through from underneath the skin. This will give you the most lifelike finish of any foundation, and gives the skin a healthy glow. These shades are perfect for use in fashion, runways, swimsuit and beach photo shoots, and bridal makeup where a soft skin finish is the main feature of the look. 

Set either of the MediaPRO foundation lines with Ben Nye Luxury Powder, Mojave Luxury Powder, or the Pressed MediaPRO Bella Poudre & Mojave Poudre Compacts.

Ben Nye's ProColor Beauty series is a water based formula with micro-fine airbrush compatible makeup, which makes them the perfect addition to any bridal artist's luxury makeup kit. This formula, being recently revised, has about 15% pigment in them which lets you build up coverage of foundation shades with a flawless finish. These shades are also ideal to use over the ProAiir Coral Tan, and Ben Nye's ProColor Tattoo Cover shades in order to make any tattoo cover-up perfectly seamless. This luxury makeup product wont wear hard on your airbrush machine and is incredibly easy to clean out with a quick flush of water, followed by isopropyl alcohol. Add a few drops of ProColor Final Seal to add extra durability to the formula itself, and use the ProColor Mixing Liquid to help thin down or mix shades without sacrificing performance of the product. Use with a 15-20 PSI. Mix in the highlight, contour, and blush shades of your choice in the ProColor formula for an expertly blended and custom mixed complexion for your most valuable clients. 

Kryolan TV Paint Sticks have become an iconic product in the world of makeup. For superior blending ability and skin prep, use Perfect Matt as a primer to provide and ultra smooth base to build on. These are commonly used in the most glamorous of bridal makeups, and very popular among the drag community. The convenience of applying directly to the face from the container, and the maximum full coverage formulation makes these foundations makes them an essential tool in any luxury makeup artist and drag queens makeup collection. It is normally recommended to use three different shades (base, highlight, and contour). The most popular highlight shades are 070, 00, and TV White. Commonly used contour shades are V23, V24, and Shading Brown. These foundations can be dense, and if you're finding it to be too laborious to blend them all together, add a couple drops of Kryolan Makeup Blend to your sponge to help liquefy the formula and blend with ease. Be sure to set these creams with Ben Nye Luxury Powder for a flawless and smooth finish. 

One of the newest additions to our makeup selection is the RCMA Foundation palettes. RCMA  has been a staple product in the professional makeup industry to years, and continues to impress new artists every day. These foundations contain 30-35% pigment, which means that you get more performance out of less product. Using less foundation will result in a more lifelike skin finish which means less time spent applying extra powder and touching up on set. Set these beautiful creams with the RCMA No Color Powder for a flawless face that stays in place. The Vincent Kehoe Pro Palette is customizable and refillable with the Vincent Kehoe Pro Godets making is possible for you to pack your essential shades for your client.