Skin Prep & Primer

This is the most important step in any makeup process. Priming the skin is the process of creating the ideal balance on the skin for the makeup you are doing. Whether you're doing beauty makeup, or special effects, extra steps can be taken that will ensure the longevity of the makeup that you wear. 

The Graftobian skin products we offer are some of the highest performing skin preparation products on the market. The Oxyderm Moisturizer is universally helpful, and provides a hydrated and luscious base to the skin for makeup to go over. If you or your client will be filmed or broadcast on an HD camera, the Anti-shine HD Skin Primer provides a truly matte finish to the skin even before applying makeup. Apply this product in very thin layers, as a little goes a long way. This product on its own can help get people camera ready by reducing the effects of oils on the skin's surface. 

Kryolan's Perfect Matt  is a high quality silicone based primer that puts a silky layer over the skin before applying makeup. This will help reduce the effects of fine lines, wrinkles, and unwanted texture on the face. The high grade silicone will not make you break out if you have sensitive skin. The formulation to this primer helps maintain the skin's hydration balance while being worn, which reduces the amount of oil that will be produces throughout the day. That means less touch-ups and longer wear out of your foundation. Kryolan's Eye Shadow Primer creates a hydrated and balances base to apply eye shadows over. This product has just enough dewiness in it to let you build up eye shadows to the most opaque levels. The smooth surface it provides makes blending eye shadow incredibly easy and will allow for several shades to be blended together to create the perfect hue and intensity you are striving for. 

Telesis creates skin preparation products that are more commonly used in special effects makeup. Telesis Brisk is an astringent product that tones the skin in order to reduce the amount of oil on the skin's surface and to reduce the amount of oil being produced while wearing makeup. This product is particularly helpful for people with oily skin, and is an important part of skin prep for anyone who is going to have alcohol based products used on their skin. The presence of oil will reduce the durability of alcohol paints, so removing them from the skin before applying can be a crucial step in the long term success of the makeup. Telesis Top Guard is a brilliant product for anyone with sensitivities to makeup products. In the world of special effects, performers and actors are usually having a lot of alcohol based products and a number of prosthetic appliances used on them for a production. The application of these can wear on the skin, and create a less than happy skin surface. Top Guard is a product that will help prevent the effects of makeup and adhesives from becoming irritated. DRY is a special product that is a spray on anti-antiperspirant. The main ingredient in this formula is a cosmetic grade aluminum which will block the skin from sweating wherever it is sprayed. This product can be a saving grade when working in extremely hot environments, for priming the skin for a bald cap, for using on the underarms or wherever else the production of swear is inhibiting the performance of products. 

Dermaflage Primer is ideally used with any of the Dermaflage products on areas of the face or body where there is excessive flexing and bending of the skin. This product contains silicone particles that are suspended in an alcohol based formula. Once the primer is dried, the silicone left on the skin provides an ideal surface for the silicone formula of Dermaflage to stick to. Silicone sticks best to silicone, so this will help Dermaflage hold especially well on areas like the lip, forehead, and jawline.