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Graftobian Neon ProPaint



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ProPaint™, proudly made in the USA, is highly blendable and coats large areas easily, with very little product needed on your brush or sponge, for vibrant and bold coverage. ProPaint™ dries to a brilliant finish that is comfortable on skin, without feeling heavy or greasy, and is smudge proof and long-wearing throughout the day without the cracking or peeling. Neon ProPaint™ is safe for hair and nails.

To use:
ProPaint™ is easily activated with a small amount of water. Moisten the sponge or brush, and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Apply to skin area, and allow to dry to a smudge proof finish. This water based makeup does not need to be set with powder, but it can be sealed with setting spray for extra protection and more waterproof wear. ProPaint™ washes off easily with just soap and water, and no other special removers are needed.

1 oz / 30ml cake. Fragrance free. Applications may vary depending on size of design and water usage on cakes.