P.T.M. Prosthetic Transfer Material

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Prosthetic Transfer Material used to create prosthetic transfers.

P.T.M.™ allows you to create the highest quality prosthetic transfers (Bondo Transfers, Pro-Bondo Transfers, Pros-Aide Transfers). P.T.M.™ transfer material was specially formulated by Christien Tinsley, the original creator of the innovative process, for the sole purpose of providing you with the best product possible.

P.T.M.™ was developed to provide artists like yourself with a convenient alternative to self-mixed materials so that you can spend valuable time on the things you love instead of countless hours mixing.

The Clear tone provides you the option to reduce the opacity of our flesh tones to give you that perfect blend between color and transparency. It's also great for creating your own custom tone by allowing for easy self-tinting with P.T.M.™ pigments and flocking.

Need a hoard of zombies before dawn? Our Zombie tone can help with that, as it may be the closest thing to actual rotten flesh as you're going to want or need. With minimal makeup needed and an application process as quick as Prosthetic Transfers, you can have zombies running in no time.

The Pink 5 has become the standard color on almost every Prosthetic Transfer in the Special Effects Makeup industry. It provides a realistic and healthy looking under glow for any makeups being applied to your transfers and works great for almost every caucasian and dark skin tones.