Where to Buy Ben Nye Makeup in Store

We frequently see the question asked, "Where to buy Ben Bye __ in store?"

Whether you are looking for Ben Nye Banana Powder, Ben Nye Final Seal, or any other Ben Nye product, first it's helpful to understand the history of Ben Nye (no relation to Bill Nye!) and how its distributed.

Ben Nye was founded by Ben Nye, Sr, makeup director at 20th Century Fox during Hollywood's golden years. 

In 1967, Ben Nye, Sr. founded the Ben Nye Make Company, specializing in producing professional cosmetic & special FX products used in TV, Stage, Performance & Film. Ben Nye is sold through film production supply and theatrical supply houses across the United States, as well as specialty cosmetic retailers that cater to the film and live production community.

If you search for "theatrical supply house (your city)", chances are you you can find a local retailer of Ben Nye products who will have tester boards on hand to help you select the perfect shade and "try before you buy".  

Ben Nye Makeup Company forbids authorized retailers from selling Ben Nye products on third party marketplaces, like eBay and Amazon.com.  If you choose to purchase Ben Nye products on these platforms, there is a good possibility you are buying counterfeit product.  A legitimate seller of Ben Nye makeup should be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity direct from Ben Nye, upon request. Or, call Ben Nye Makeup Company at (310) 839-2640 to confirm you are buying from an authorized dealer.